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Chris's Bio

 Blues, rock, reggae, folk, funk,Mississippi slide, dance music - what's your pleasure?  Whether one or many, Chris Gill is one artist who delivers on all.

Christ started playing guitar in the 5th grade.  As Chris Gill recalls it, “I can remember just deciding I wanted to play the slide guitar so I found a metal one.  I listened to a lot of  Eric Clapton and Duane Allman.  On Derek and the Dominoes, they had some outtakes of it for the anniversary of Layla. I would listen to it and I would start trying to find those licks. Listening to Willie Nelson and Santana hooked me, players like Earl Hooker, Bonnie Raitt and Muddy Waters inspired me to learn slide guitar. I fell in Love with the Blues in college. My roommate had all these CD’s. I got into BB King, found some Mississippi John Hurt, Taj grades went to the gutter, but my love of the blues went sky high!  When I got out college, I looked in the phone book and found AH School For Stringed Instruments and learned about tuning and tips and playing slide guitar there.” “I saw Bonnie Raitt and Merle Haggard in Jackson,” he says, “and that’s when it hit me - this is what I want to do! I love the healing power of music.”








Chris Gill has been lighting up stages for over 20 years

Chris's music career has afforded him the opportunity to play with some of today’s finest musicians, including Buckwheat Zydeco, Taj Mahal, Michael Burks, Theodis Ealey, Cedric Burnside, Billy Branch, Bernard Allison, Dexter Allen, King Edward, Vasti Jackson, Bud Spires, Jarekus Singleton, Jimmy “Duck’ Holmes, Grady Champion, and D’Mar, who he plays with as a duo, D’Mar & Gill.

Chris plays in solo, duo and band size.  Crowds love Chris's down-home, pass-the-cornbread style as he plays his way through his musical stories.


Along with Derrick "D'Mar" Martin, Chris completes the beat-driven blues duo of D'Mar & Gill.

And Chris's band, The Sole Shakers, serves up WHITE hot sound with a mix equal parts soul, funk, jazz, reggae, blues and a nice hefty scoop of New Orleans fat back boiled in a pot of full-out energy.  If you’re hungry for something fresh and heavy in rhythm, the Sole Shakers have the right recipe. Guaranteed to put a move in your groove, a dip in your hips, and a shake in your shoes!

Back To Paradise

Runnin' Wild Blues

Crawfish Boogie
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